NBA 2K players are eager to learn more specifics about NBA 2K22

It has been reported that the franchise rights in 2K may take a significant step forward

It has been reported that the franchise rights in 2K may take a significant step forward. As NBA 2K21 came to a close and MyTEAM reached its final stages, people began to speculate about the future of the game and when it might be released. Because there is no official announcement yet, let's take a look ahead and see how much we know about the NBA 2K22, which may be released later this year. NBA 2K22 will almost certainly be released by 2K Sports, and this is almost certain. Despite the fact that they have not yet officially announced NBA 2K22 MT, the release of NBA 2K22 has been 100% confirmed as a result of the interaction on the NBA2k Reddit.


NBA 2K gameplay director Mike Wang posted a message on the site less than two weeks ago, asking players to provide feedback on some of the gameplay balance changes they are considering for game shooting. This is not surprising considering that the NBA 2K series has never missed an annual release since the first game in the series was released in November 1999. When it comes to when things will become more formal, players may not have to wait that long. Some recent potential NBA 2K22 news has revolved around the leak of cover athletes, and a previous report appears to be consistent with a particular pair of NBA 2K22 faces.

NBA 2K22, the annual basketball simulation from 2K Sports, was released this week on every major gaming platform.2K22, like previous installments in the series, includes a large online open-world hub called The City, where players can explore, complete quests, shop in stores, and train. Rather than discussing the game's latest features, fans have taken to social media to discuss their discovery of 2K's latest bizarre advertisement placement in NBA 2K22, which includes a cameo appearance by insurance mascot Jake from State Farm.

The NBA 2K series is well-known for allowing players to create their own basketball superstars in the game's MyCareer mode. This allows them to begin at the bottom of the league as amateurs and work their way up through the ranks by completing missions and quests. MyCareer mode is back in NBA 2k22, and it allows players to explore an online hub where they can take their created character on a basketball journey from the court to an open-world city in order to become the next NBA superstar. As part of the journey, players can also explore stores and customize their characters, which, like every other NBA 2K title, is heavily reliant on microtransactions due to the fact that the best cosmetics are only available through in-app purchases.

According to Kotaku, players have begun to notice an in-game product placement for State Farm insurance. NBA 2K22's storefront in The City has been transformed into an entirely new area dedicated to State Farm, and one of the game's MyCareer quests has the player tasked with conversing with the insurance company's mascot, Jake. Having previously appeared in a number of advertisements, Jake from State Farm has returned with an appearance in NBA 2K22. Jake, dressed in a State Farm uniform that he refers to as "drip," greets players as they arrive in the neighborhood. Jake's motion was captured by the original actor. Additionally, the State Farm store offers more branded cosmetics, with merchandise starting at 15,000 VC, which is equivalent to £3.99/$4.99 in real money. Fans have taken to social media to mock 2K for its blatant forced advertising, describing the entire interaction and area as "bizarre."

Previously, 2K included ad products that were unrelated to the NBA and received widespread criticism for its unskippable ads in NBA 2K20 and exploitive behavior. Fans of the series, on the other hand, may not be surprised by this new State of the Farm insurance advertisement, as the franchise is well-known for its numerous microtransactions, including randomly generated loot boxes. However, it appears that NBA 2K22 includes more advertising than ever before, as some quests also require the player to reach milestones with real-world brand companies.

The NBA 2K franchise grew in popularity by once focusing its content on providing fans with a top-notch basketball experience. Unfortunately, 2K Sports has inundated each title in the series with an increasing number of advertisements. Despite the fact that advertisements have an impact on the overall experience, they are deemed optional, and players who are looking for a new sports adventure can return to 2k's annual series with NBA 2k22.


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