What Are Common Unmarried Parents' Child Custody Issues?

Even when the parents are married, child custody issues can become extremely problematic. However, if the parents never married, things might get even more complicated.

Who will have custody? What are the visitation rights, and how does child support work? 


Child Custody Rights of an Unmarried Father


In most places, if the parents never married, custody of a kid or children is normally awarded to the mother. Unfortunately, if the mother refuses all visits from him, the father has very little he can do in terms of visitation.


In such circumstances, the father must go to family court to fight for his legal rights. Usually, the court can allow certain visitation rights if paternity has been established.


Unmarried Mothers' Child Custody Rights


Many unmarried women find it difficult to obtain child support from the father. However, the mother retains the right to receive financial assistance; however, this may necessitate taking the issue to family court.


Paternity must be confirmed before the mother can get child support. If the father has never proven paternity, the mother can submit a paternity claim, which will be followed by a DNA test to reveal the truth. If the test results are positive, the child support claim can be submitted.


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