Tips in Dating a Married Woman

Dating a married woman can be exciting for many men because of the thrill of being caught. Statistics on divorce are increasing and it connotes that married women having extramarital affairs is possible Although there are still plenty of single women out there, there are some men who find

But because this can be a dangerous game, it is best for a guy to have a plan on how to get a married woman falling for him. Here are tips on how to score with a woman who has already given her vows.

In review a married woman, a guy must communicate with her often. One reason for divorce is failure of communication, thus it is important to give a married woman what she lacks in her marriage. The guy must watch her every move and hear her every word. He must listen to how she speaks about her life at home. If she is always talking about herself and not about her life with her husband, it means she is lonely and unhappy with the marriage. The guy must also check her facial expression as she speaks of her family. If she only talks about her children without her husband, chances are she is willing to have an affair with someone else.

To get a married woman's approval for a date, a guy must be honest to her. Husbands seem to flatter their wives and lie to them often. A woman is born with intuition and she knows if she is being lied to or if her partner is having an affair. Because of this, she wants honesty and sincerity. A guy must therefore be verbally appreciative of her and at the same time be honest to her. She also adores it if the promises made to her are not broken. A guy should also not exaggerate his feelings to a married woman but he must tell her he wishes to know her more. When communication lines are open, a guy should not talk about a woman's marital relationship.

When scam a married woman, a man should know when he can touch her. He can shake her hands, give her a friendly hug, pat her shoulder and look her in the eye to check her reaction. If she draws back or shows discomfort with the physical contact, the guy can give her a smile and assure her of his understanding. Physical intimacy must not be pushed but earned. The married woman must first give a signal that shows a guy can touch her.

A man should invite a woman to gatherings where she is permitted to bring her husband. Examples are happy hours, company parties, seminars and shows. If she does come but without the spouse, this means she is willing to connect with another man.

It is important for a guy to remember never to go to a married woman's house even if the husband is away. This may leave evidence behind that may incriminate them both. It is better to meet up somewhere private.

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