Paying attention to your lighting system

Did you have a gardener working in your yard the day before you noticed a zone of lights stopped working?

Did you have a gardener working in your yard the day before you noticed a zone of lights stopped working? Did the lights not come on after a heavy thunder storm? Did your teenager, with their newly adorned driver's license, back into a path LED Pixel Light near the driveway by accident? These deliver bright and even light throughout parking garages. Not only do parking garage fixtures create a higher sense of security, but they also help prevent accidental collisions due to poor lighting.

If you are paying attention to your lighting system, you'll notice immediately when something has changed or gone wrong. Certain parking garage lights come equipped with an energy-saving occupancy sensor. Using a photocell, it senses motion, only turning on when needed and saving your client money. Quality tested LED parking garage LED outside lights last over 100,000 hours, which means after you install it, you can forget it. For 100,000 hours, at least.

Have your lights stopped working? If so, why? What has changed recently that could have caused a problem? What’s the difference between canopy lights and garage lights? Canopy lights typically need more lumens, depending on how high up they are. In a parking garage, the 5000-7000 lumens range is perfect. If the light doesn't look as bright as your remember, do a quick investigation.

Canopy lights also have a higher beam spread that covers more ground, which means their lower glare levels don’t blind drivers. These lights are meant to shine up into the tree to warm up the truck and cast light into the canopy. Suckers block this light and create a distracting hot spot where the light first leaves the fixture. Look at the example below of a light source being blocked by tree suckers. Not to mention, colleges aren’t always located within the safest areas, so opportunities for theft, vandalism, or worse, can be a real concern. If you don’t install great outdoor lighting, that is.